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Bid Online Live with Webcast

Scammell Auctions in-conjunction with Interbid Pty Ltd, now offer Interbid Live, a live online bidding facility. Webcast allows you, the potential buyer to bid live on any lot over the internet using your home or office PC and an internet connection.

The bidding is in real time and bids are placed much in the same way as if you are bidding from the auction floor. The technology incorporated into Interbid Live, has made the system very fast and capable of keeping up with an auction rate of 150 lots per hour.

Webcast is free to use, and comes complete with pictures and catalogue descriptions of each lot offered for sale. The interface is very easy to use, with as few as 2 mouse clicks to place your bid.

How to Use Interbid Live A full working demonstration is available from our website , click on the Interbid Logo and follow the offline demo instructions.

Registration is a two part process and must be made a minimum of 24 hours prior to the commencement of the Auction. You will be required to register your full details on line, including drivers licence details. The second step will consist of a manual verification process, part of which includes a confirmation telephone call. You will not receive full access to the live bidding until all parts of the registration process are complete. The offline demo does not require you to register.

Now the fun part, Interbid Live will display a picture, description and bid stack for each lot as it is offered for auction (see figure 1).

You are now bidding on-line against other net bidders and live bidders on the auction floor. As the price rises the bid stack will change to indicate current price, the buyer and your bid limit (if you have placed a bid). Bidders are indicated in the bidstack by either Live Bidder, Net Nxxx (net bidder and number) or Your Bid.

To bid click on the price you wish to bid on the bid stack and you will be asked to confirm the amount by pressing submit (see figure 2).

You will need to work fast here, remember you are bidding against other Net Bidders and Live Bidders, so any hesitation could lose you the item. At no time throughout the bidding will the Auctioneer or Webcast Clerk know your maximum bid.


If you have successfully bid and won an item you will receive a message confirming lot number, description and price (See Figure 3).

Press OK to continue with the rest of the Auction.

Once the sale has been completed, you will receive an email confirming all your successful bids and the total invoice amount. Standard auction terms and conditions of payment apply.