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How to leave an absentee bid on Scammell's Website

As you are browsing our auction catalogue you are able to load absentee bids.  Figure 1 shows the basic layout of every auction catalogue.  Reading left to right the catalogue shows the lot number, description, estimated price and finally a "bid/price" box.

Figure 1

To start leaving bids, simply fill in the "bid/price" box with whole dollar amounts.  At the end of each page press "Add bids and continue" button.

When you are all done, click "Finalise Bidding" button.

After clicking the "Finalise Bidding" button, you will be taken to the Absentee Bidding List page.  Here you can see a summary of your bids, update your bids and delete your bids.

To change a bid amount, fill the new amount in the AUD$ box and press "Update".

To delete a bid, click the "Delete" button on the lot you wish to delete.

Once you are happy with the final list, click "Confirm and Send Absentee Bids".

Now it is time to either register or log in.  If you have already logged in, then skip this section. 

If you have previously registered with Scammell's website (not Webcast Live Online), then log in using your username and password.

If you have not registered previously, then scroll down and fill in all the boxes.  Please make sure your email address is current and accurate, otherwise your bids will not be accepted.  When al the boxes are filled in click "Register"


Once logged in you will be taken to the final screen to confiurm your bids and your log in details. 

The last step is to click "Click here to place bids"

You will now see a summary sheet of your details and your bids. 

An email will be sent to Scammells and to your email address. 

Congratulations you have successfully placed bids with Scammells.