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NEXT APPRAISAL DAY - Friday 24th November 10am - 5pm

Jason Harris, Managing Director and Auctioneer at Scammells, welcomes you to our APPRAISAL DAY, held every month in the Showcase Room at Scammells.


Have you every wondered what something is worth? You never know what could be at the back of the cupboard or in the sock drawer.


Jason and his team have decades of experience and can value most items from Art to Jewellery, Antiques to Radios and Oil Bottles to Vintage Motorcycles.


And if we don’t know..................then we will find out for you.


The appraisals are free and no obligation to sell any of the items through Scammells. We are just happy to share our knowledge.


There is need to book. Just turn up any time between 10am and 5pm on the advertised appraisal day.


We might ask to take a photo of you, Jason and the item we are valuing (we love to share this knowledge with our customers, but of course you can say no). And if you are on face book, we encourage you to share your experience with your friends.


Hope to see you at our next event.