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4 drawer military campaign chest circa 1870


Campaign furniture history can be traced as far back as the Roman era, but peaked during the Georgian and Victorian eras, especially with the rise of the British Empire.

There are many examples of campaign furniture from chairs that screw apart, beds that fold down and even collapsible candle sticks nicknamed Brighton buns.

Furniture like this chest was designed for easy of portability and functionality, with losing any of the high quality appeal.


This campaign chest dates to around 1870, being of 5 drawers flush handles and brass re-enforced corners make this an instantly recognisable piece. And with portability in mind, like many other chests this one splits in two.

This is still a very high quality piece, which was especially important to British officers of high social positions.

This chest is worth between $1500 and 2000 on the auction market, with a much higher retail value.

4 drawer military campaign chest