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In-conjuction with Webcast, Scammells have introduced "Pre-Bidding" to all of our Auctions.

Pre-bidding for each auction starts Friday night once the catalogue is launched on our website and is open to all registered WEBCAST bidders.  Pre-bidding allows bidders to lodge bids and start the bidding process for each lot prior to the auction starting. 

The main advantages for buyers is having a better knowledge of whether your bid is high enough, and if you are out bid (in the pre-bidding stage), you'll be notified by email, further increasing your chance of winning the bid.  No other bidders will know your maximum bid, unless of course you are out bid.

So the fun starts Friday night. How does it work? on.


All bidders must be registered with WEBCAST (this is a separate registration from MYSCAMMELLS).  The registration takes up to 48 hours to complete and we strongly suggest you start this process no later than Thursday evening prior to the next auction.

Once you have registered and received your password, you'll be ready to log into the auction once its launched.  CLICK on BID LIVE ONLINE from our website, navigate to the Bidding Live Online Auction Page. 

You will usually have two auctions to choose FURNITURE and SMALLS.  Select which auction you would like to bid (the process is the same for both and at anytime you can repeat this process for the other auction).



Log in to Webcast using your email address and password recieved during the registration process.  If, at any point you have lost or forgotten your password, go back to the previous screen and select RECOVER PASSWORD.

Go ahead and log in. 

You will be greeted with a small welcome page indicating your paddle or bidders number and spend limit.


To lodge a bid, navigate to the lot number you wish to bid on, click on the lot number or description.

Use the bidding ladder on the left hand side of the screen to leave your maximum bid.

If you wish to leave a higher amount than shown on the ladder, click Higher Bid.

In this example we have clicked on $60 for lot 338.


You will be asked to confirm your bid.

Please note once a bid has been lodged and confirmed you cannot remove the bid.  You can reduce the bid at any time to the lowest bid amount, as long as other bidders have not lodged bids on the same lot. 

Once you click SUBMIT you are committing to bidding on and potentially purchasing that lot.

In this example we are confirming our bid of $60 for Lot 338.


Other bidders cannot see your top bid amount (unless of course they just out bid you).

In this example, we have logged out and are viewing Lot 338 (remember we left $60 on this lot).

You can see our bid amount shows $35 (not $60).

(In a real auction every lot opens for pre-bidding at $5)


Of course when you are logged in, the system will show which lots you are the top bidder in green.....

and where you have been out bid in red.

If at any time you are out bid during the pre-bidding stage, you will be notified by email.


You can go back to a lot and change your maximum bid at anytime prior to the lot going live (where the auctioneer is offering it for auction).

You cannot however select an amount lower than the highest winning bid.

In our example the opening bid is $35 (remember we left a max of $60).  We can reduce our bid to the lowest price of $40, but no lower as the bidding has opened at $35.  This is another reason to be absolutely certain of the lots you are bidding on and the prices you are willing to pay.


You can also view every lot you have left a bid on (remember you will have to repeat this process for the other auction if you have left bids in both.


You can log back in any time to see the progress of your bids, change your bid limit and bid on more lots.  You cannot delete a bid on a lot once you confirm the bid.

Being the highest bidder during the pre-bidding stage does not automatically guarantee you will win the lot, you still have to out bid live bidders on the auction day.  We always suggest leaving your absolute maximum amount you wish to pay (bearing in mind the hammer price will have additional buyers premium of 16.5% added to make the finial sale price).  You will not always pay the maximum bid price, in many instances buyers have left hundreds of dollars on an item and won it for a half or two thirds their maximum.

We hope you enjoy your experience and happy bidding.