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Under the Hammer eZine

Scammell Auctions are in the process of creating an eZine or electronic magazine, focusing on Antiques and Collectables.

The aim is to delivery an informative and educational eZine based on the very broad range of collectables, antiques, ephemera and the like.  The eZine will be delivered monthly via pdf download from Scammells website.  Using the electronic format, Under the Hammer will be interactive and includes videos, links to other sites and dynamic displays.

We are seeking contributors to write for Under the Hammer.  The eZine will be produced monthly, however contributors can write as their time dicates, whether that be monthly, every two months or twice per year.

So if you are a sharing type, and want to pass on some of your information to others, please email Jason Harris for more information.  The eZine does not generate an incoming, and with a tiny budget you will be doing this for the love of it.