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Jason Harris, Managing Director, Auctioneer and Appraiser of Scammells and his team have been hosting "Roadshows and Events" in Adelaide since 2009.

Our aim is to tell a story and share our knowledge.

We have held events for Retirement Homes, Product Launches and Business Conferences, Charity Events, Fairs and Local Community Groups.

Our Roadshows are tailored to suit the audience and we have different formats to choose from.


Appraisal Day


These are a long format event, typically 4 hours, where the audience pre-register with an item each in the days leading up to the Roadshow Event. The appraiser(s) spends 5-10 minutes with each registered member and talk about each piece.


Roadshow Talk


Our tailored talks are between 60 and 120 minutes in length and can range in topics from Auction history, current trends globally and locally, recent history and the future. Each talk ends with 30 – 45 minutes of a “Show and Tell” section where we discuss items, there history and value.


Open Appraisal Event


We start with a 15 – 20 minute brief talk on Scammells and the auction industry including some highlights of auction items. Our appraisers sit with each group or audience members and talk about the items they have bought along with them. These events work especially well with groups of less than 50 and part of an event day at a local club.


If you would like to book Jason and his team for an event call on 08 8362 0404


(event fees vary and depend on a number of circumstances including the event day and format. For Charity and Community Group events Jason does not charge for his time).

Jason Harris at Southern Cross Care