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Selling at Scammells

Its starts with an appraisal

Sometimes the value is important, other times its getting the items removed quickly, either way we suggest starting with an appraisal. We will work with you on getting the process started very quickly.

Engage one of our appraisers and you have the backing and professionalism of one of Australia's largest and most respected Estate Auctioneers. We offer 60 000 lots each year, ranging form household items to Fine Art and Antiques across our many specialist auctions. Scammells have achieved auction results that are the envy of our eastern states neighbours, all from our head office and Auction Rooms in Norwood, South Australia.

Scammells are available most days to conduct an appraisal visits, and the appraiser has a wealth of knowledge up their sleeve they are happy to share........and for free.

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When are the auctions held?

General Estate Auctions are held every Monday for Antique, Retro and Contemporary Furniture, China, Glass, Collectables, Arts, Book, Ephemera and more.

Specialty Auctions are held regularly throughout the year and include Decorative Arts, Danish Contemporary, Collectors Auctions (including Motorcycles, Oil Memorabilia etc), Fine Art, Oceanic Art and Artefacts.

Estate Specialists and our service.

Scammell Auctions specialise in managing Estates and will assist you in coordinating every facet from the initial written appraisal to the packing and uplifting of household effects.

The following services are offered as part of our commission structure –

  • Comprehensive and obligation free appraisal.

  • Managing and coordinating independent carriers for the packing and uplift of effects (charges do apply to third party service providers – please see below).

  • Full sorting, researching, assessing and listing of items for Auction.

  • All items entered for Auction on our Global Auction management database.

  • Each lot is photographed and displayed on our website.

  • All items are included in our online Auction bidding system, allowing prospective buyers from Australia (and Internationally) to bid on your items at every Auction we hold.

  • Comprehensive Vendor Auction Statement accompanying the vendor payment. The vendor statement details each lot offered, price sold, commission charges and other charges (i.e. carriers invoice) and total payable.

Approval & Delivery of Items

How do I know if my items are suitable? - All furniture needs pre-approval before arriving at our auction rooms. This can be done via a physical appraisal, an email appraisal, or simply by bringing in some photographs for our staff to have a look at. Staff will then advise on suitability at auction and an estimated auction value. Smaller items that are easy to transport can be brought in for our staff to advise further on, or photographs/emails are always welcome as well. 

When can I deliver items?
- Items can be delivered every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for Auction, between 9am and 5pm. Alternative days by arrangement only. Special arrangements can be made for delivery outside these times. 

Transport - Visit our transport page here to view our recommendations

Commission rate and other charges

Commission rate – 20% + (inc GST)
Lot offering fee of $2 (inc of GST) per lot offered,

Other charges -

Dumping fee of $35 per item that is not saleable (inc GST)

Withdrawal fee of 20% of the reserve/guide or top absentee price or $25 (whichever is greater) per item withdrawn from auction.

Guides and Reserves

Guide prices will be accepted on any item valued for Auction over $200. Our valuers will assist you in setting reasonable and achievable price guides.

The Auctioneer has the discretion to accept an offer within 25% of the guide price i.e. guide of $400, auctioneer can accept $300 without consulting the vendor.

Items valued $200 or less will be offered and sold at the discretion of the Auctioneer for “best price” at the first auction.

Unsold items will automatically be re-entered into the next auction and the guide price will be reduced by 25%.  If the new adjusted guide is $200 or less then the item will be offered and sold at best price.

Reserves can be accepted on items valued over $500.
The reserve price is fixed and firm, offers will NOT be submitted below the reserve price.

Reserve is valid for one offering only, and will convert to a guide for the subsequent auctions.

When are the vendors paid?

Direct deposits, for our Monday Estate Auctions, are processed the Thursday afternoon of the sale week.

Vendor Cheques, for our Monday Estate Auctions are made available for collection on the Friday of the sale week, between 8.30am - 5pm, Saturday 9am – 12 noon, Monday and Tuesday 8.30am –5pm. Cheques not collected by Tuesday night will be posted last mail Wednesday.

Specialty Auction payments are processed the week following the Auction.

Unsold items and those not suitable.

Items not suitable – Items delivered, either in person or by carrier that are not suitable for auction will be disposed of at your cost, which will be deducted from the proceeds of sale.

Items not suitable include

  • Whitegoods over 10years old,
  • Microwaves (unless new in box),
  • CRT TV (analogue),
  • VCRs,
  • Contemporary Furniture that is scratched/damaged/broken and unsaleable,
  • all baby goods,
  • safety equipment (inc helmets etc),
  • any electrical item over 10 years old (with the exception of collectable radios, clocks etc),
  • stained/damaged rugs, carpet,
  • mattress (unless “in new” condition),
  • bedding (with the exception of vintage bedspreads)
  • office desks (with the exception of antique or antique style),
  • chipped or broken china and glassware,
  • magazines and
  • general kitchenware.

Unsold items - Will be automatically entered into the next appropriate Auction. Should you wish to withdraw an unsold item from Auction, you will need to remove the item(s) by Thursday 5pm. Items not removed by this time will automatically be entered for the next Auction. If an item is removed after Thursday 5pm you will be charged a removal fee of 20.9% of the guide price.

Unsold items will be offered a maximum of three (3) auctions with a guide (reserve/guide). The fourth auction the item will be offered and sold at the auctioneers discretion for best price. The onus is upon the vendor to remove the item prior to the fourth auction.