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Unearth the Hidden Worth: Unlock the Auction Value of Your Items with Our Appraisals

It all starts with an appraisal.


It’s our belief that expectations are managed best with honesty, experience, and knowledge. Our experienced appraisers know what questions to ask and where to research items in order to achieve the best price.
And it’s the discovery we love – the best finds our Appraisers have had are those in the dark corners of the cupboard, packed away in boxes or just about to be thrown out. Knowledge and experience is the key to unlock the value in your estate.

First step is to understand which items are suitable for Auction.  There are three options to begin the appraisal stage. For an online appraisal, below is a form to complete and upload your items for potential Auction sale.  Our team will respond with an indication of what is accepted for Auction.

For larger estates, one of our experienced appraisers can visit you for an on-site appraisal. Please call our office on (08) 8362 0404 to arrange a booking.

Or you can visit us at 2-20 Magill Road Norwood SA on Tuesday 1 pm-4 pm, Wednesday 8.30 am-4 pm and Thursday 8.30 am-11 am. Speak to one of our friendly staff and they will assist you with your special items.

Are my items suitable for Auction?

1. To inquire if your items are fit for auction, please upload images of them, along with measurements in centimeters and any additional details such as the medium of artworks, known provenance, and any condition faults.

2. Upon receipt, we at Scammells will promptly forward your request to the relevant specialists. Our appraisers then assess the suitability of your items over the next 24 to 48 hours.


3. During this period, you’ll receive useful information via email from our Appraisal Department to assist you further.


4. Within 72 hours (or 3 business days), you will receive an email response with a determination of which items are deemed suitable for auction. This email will clarify which of your items are deemed appropriate for auction and which are not.


5. Once your items are delivered to our auction rooms, the Scammells team can then proceed to conduct a more comprehensive appraisal.

Request an assessment for Auction

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