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The loss of someone close is always a difficult time in anyone’s life, and this can be further complicated with having to deal with the contents of the estate.

Scammells make this part of the process very simple.

Our core services are the packing and removal of contents, cataloguing, pricing and selling. We can also arrange everything from cleaning, gardening, rubbish removal and even re-painting! You choose what services you need from the full package of services we offer.

An appraisal is key to starting the process of selling through auction. It gives you a solid understanding of the current market values for items and may even uncover items you thought had no value at all.


Before you start clearing up (or throwing or giving things away), we strongly suggest engaging one of our experienced people to advise you on values and how to sell through auction. Some items require a different process of selling, and Scammells don’t offer a one solution fits all approach.

At the end of the appraisal we will give you a copy of the items and prices. The appraisal is free and you are not obligated to use us going forward. We will give you a call a week after the appraisal to see if you have any clarifying questions.

If you decide to use Scammells, what happens next?

Great news you have just engaged one of Australia's largest estate Auctioneers to help you, and our aim is make this process as simple and smooth as we can.

Firstly phone your appraiser and they will start making the arrangements on your behalf. This includes contacting our carriers and packers if needed.

Once the items arrived our staff unpack, catalogue and price the items based on the appraisal.

You will be contacted the week leading up to the auction and emailed a listing of items in the forthcoming sales.

Once the items are sold the funds are deposited to your account and a remittance is emailed, and this continues until all items are sold. Unlike other auctioneers, we don’t hold your funds for weeks (or months in some cases)......after all it is your money. For our weekly auctions, funds are paid on the Friday following and for our Speciality auctions, 10 working days after the auction.

To book an appraiser please phone our office on 08 8362 0404
or contact our appraisers direct
Adrian 0431 442 443 or Tobias 0412 110 842