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Fine Art Appraisals

Our fine art specialists are here to help.

Appraising and selling art is an artform in itself.  The art auction market changes rapidly, almost seasonally, and our team of art appraisers  deliver up to date and accurate appraisals for the contemporary art auction market.

We can provide a current market appraisal for any piece, whether they are contemporary or colonial.

Our service uses the years of combined expertise of our appraisers, and access to worldwide art auction reports to guarantee the most current market reflection.

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Fine Art Valuation and Appraisal Experts

Jason Harris

Jason Harris

Managing Director and Fine Art Appraiser

Tobias Crilly

Tobias Crilly

General Manager - Auctioneer & Appraiser
0412 110 842




Hans Heysen


The Drinking Place,
Oil on Board,
Signed Lower Left 1956,
51.5 x 65.5cm

Sold June 2020 for $51,000





Dorrit Black


Still Life – Interior,

Oil on Board,

Signed Lower Right,

60 x 45cm


Sold June 2019 for $45,000





Ivor Hele


Cold Shoeing,

Oil on Board,

Signed Lower Right 1974,

44.5 x 59.5cm


Sold June 2020 for $11,300




Need an artwork valuation?


A professional Art Valuation Report from Scammells can ensure your prized artworks are valued at and insured for the right amount. The circumstances that instigate an insurance claim are unpleasant enough, without the hassle of arguing over undervalued items.



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Appraisal Timeline


1. Request an appraisal and upload your images


2. We receive the request and forward it to the right specialist at Scammells


3. Our Appraisers assess the items over the next 24-48 hours, researching and finding the most up to date values


4. Your appraisal is compiled and formatted by our appraisal team


5. Whilst this is happening you will receive some handy information by email from our Appraisal Department


6. Within 72 hours (3 days in the old language) you receive your appraisal by email



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