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Art Valuations in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth have never been easier.


A professional Art Valuation Report from Scammells can ensure your prized artworks are valued at and insured for the right amount. The circumstances that instigate an insurance claim are unpleasant enough, without the hassle of arguing over undervalued items

Its important to update your valuation every 5 years.

Whether you are updating your insurance, SMSF, having your Will prepared, obtaining an up dated market value or acting as an Executor for an Estate, having a professionally prepare Art Valuation Report will help you make the right decisions.


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Sample Art Valuation Report

Here is a sample of an Art Valuation Report which can be used for Home contents insurance renewals, SMSF asset register and market value research. Our Specialist Art Valuer Jason Harris has over 30 years Auction industry experience, and has seen over 48 000 works of Art come to auction*.

Our Art Valuation Report details the Artist biography (where available), sales history and Auction market values for same medium (what the painting is done in), similar size.

*give or take a few thousand

Our Valuations are a competitive and invaluable fee for service

Scammells valuers have over 100 years of combined experience in valuing Art.
Get professional advice on the value of your Australian, New Zealand and English Art assets.

Our Art Valuation Report contains* –

  • Artwork description
  • Sales history (same medium and similar size)
  • Auction value (market value)
  • Insurance value (replacement/retail value)
  • Short Artist Biography

Art Valuation Report fee is $149 per work.

*(subject to data availability)




Art Valuation Report timeline

  1. Upload your images of your item (including any marks, signatures, makers names etc).

  2. Include a measurement of the piece (height, width or circumference) in cm.

  3. Once you submit your request, you will receive details on how to make payment and your Valuation request will be sent to Jason Harris, our Valuation specialist at Scammells.

  4. Our Appraisers assess the items over the next 24-48 hours, researching and finding the most up to date values and your Valuation is compiled and formatted by our appraisal team.

  5. Whilst this is happening you will receive some handy information by email from our Appraisal Department

  6. Within 5 days after receiving payment you will receive your Insurance Valuation Report by email.


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Art Valuation Report Price: $ 149.00

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