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Not everything needs an insurance valuation, most insurance policies cover single items up to a certain value unless you have specified them in the policy.  However items over the policy value should have an independent valuation to make sure you are not under insured.  For example if you are covered up to $2 000 for a Rug (under fixed limits of your policy) and your rug is worth $5000 to replace, you are covered only to $2000 UNLESS you have it specified for a certain amount*.

Its important to update your valuation every 5 years.

Whether you are updating your insurance, SMSF, having your Will prepared, obtaining an up dated market value or acting as an Executor for an Estate, having a professionally prepare Insurance Valuation Report will help you make the right decisions.


* this is general advice only, please consult your insurance PDS

Get an Insurance Valuation Report

Our Valuations are a competitive and invaluable fee for service

Get professional advice on the value of your Australian and English Antiques and Collectables.

Our Art Valuation Report contains –

  • Item description
  • Recommended Insurance value (replacement/retail value)

Insurance Valuation Report fee is $80 per item. (inc GST)

The valuation figure is our recommendation of the replacement value of the item would be if you were faced with a “total loss” scenario (theft/burglary, fire. flood etc).  This is a recommendation only of the current value of the asset and the insured value is your decision.

We are not able to value the following 

Jewellery (with the exception of watches)
Books and manuscripts
Stamps and Coins




Insurance Valuation Report timeline

  1. Upload your images of your item (including any marks, signatures, makers names etc).

  2. Include a measurement of the piece (height, width or circumference) in cm.

  3. Once you submit your request, you will receive details on how to make payment and your Valuation request will be sent to Jason Harris, our Valuation specialist at Scammells.

  4. Our Appraisers assess the items over the next 24-48 hours, researching and finding the most up to date values and your Valuation is compiled and formatted by our appraisal team.

  5. Whilst this is happening you will receive some handy information by email from our Appraisal Department

  6. Within 5 days after receiving payment you will receive your Insurance Valuation Report by email.


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Single item insurance valuation $80

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